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Apple iPhone 12’s edges are dangerously sharp: Report

The newly launched Apple iPhone 12 might have a serious design flaw. A new report has suggested that the company’s 2020 flagship might have dangerously sharp edges that may cause injuries to its users.


The iPhone 12 series has just recently been launched and arrives with few changes in design over the iPhone 11 lineup. Its edges aren’t rounded, unlike the previous generation, with a more box-like design that was seen in the iPhone 5

and iPhone 4. Furthermore, the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 also feature an aluminum frame, unlike the stainless steel one found in the Pro variants.
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According to a MyDrivers report, early buyers of the new flagship from the Cupertino based giant have taken to social media platforms like Weibo and Tieba to share images of their injuries caused by the handset. As per these users, the device’s edges are really sharp and hard, which keeps digging into the palm of the users. A few users have even claimed that these handsets are hard to grip because of their flat sides.



Reportedly, users have also complained that holding the iPhone 12 tightly since it is a new product, leads to further injuries like cuts and clear marks being left behind. At the moment, these issues have only surfaced in China, and it remains to be seen if it’s a more widespread concern. However, looking at the design of the new Apple iPhone, it might not be too far fetched to believe the issue.

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