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Apple highlights privacy commitment in quirky new ad


Apple has always produced memorable ads and their latest effort is no different. The theme is privacy and the game is making fun of competitors while boasting the superiority of iPhones in protecting your personal data.

Apple has always been a proponent of privacy, it even lists it as a fundamental human right on its site.

The ad starts off with a man deliberately revealing his browsing history contents to the dismay of fellow bus commuters. The awkwardness continues in a packed movie theater where a woman shares her login credentials to an unsuspecting viewer.


We’re then transported to an office environment where two co-workers share messages out loud while also referring to a poor fellow named Lee (who's sitting next to them) with a “puke emoji”.


There are more browsing, maps and fitness tracking data infringement examples before Apple steps in to remind us how important our personal data is and how iPhones keep it safe.

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