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Apple foldable iPhone Concept design based on leaks adopts a flip design


Apple has been in the rumor mills as having a foldable phone which will debut in 2022. As a matter of fact, since Samsung and a couple of other OEMs including Motorola have released foldable models, it is natural that people look forward to Apple releasing its own. Graphic designer Technizo

in conjunction with LetsGoDigital has now pieced together information from leaks and a few Apple patents to come up with a possible concept design of the long-awaited Apple flip foldable iPhone, which has been predicted to be released in 2022.Apple flip foldable iPhone

The concept design is based on the premise that the device will use a flexible display panel having an OLED screen. The product renders reflect speculations that the foldable iPhone will retain the notch from previous iPhones.

Technizo’s concept design also shows a similar camera system to the iPhone 12 Pro, although this projection looks shaky since the device is at least two years away from its potential launch. Obviously, by 2022, more advanced camera systems would have been deployed on newer iPhones. The graphic designer released a video of the concept design of the prototype flip foldable iPhone, revealing all the possible angles and sides of the device. Check out the video from down below.

The flip iPhone concept design also suggests that the smartphone will come with a small display at the rear panel although no information is available yet of the size of the display. Considering the size of the secondary display, we doubt if it will do anything other than show notifications. There have been rumors that indeed several tests had been carried out by Foxconn on the flip foldable smartphone to establish its durability.Apple Flip iPhone

Flip foldable smartphones hold some promise and several phone makers are pursuing active research in this area. There had been several patents popping up

and these provide an inkling of the intensity of the race to overcome the several challenges and drawbacks inherent in the production especially of foldable displays.

We should also point out the resemblance of the design to that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip which was unveiled in 2019 as well as the Motorola Razr flip phone.



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