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Apple announces CarKey – a new way to wirelessly unlock your car with an iPhone


Apple has today announced a host of new changes for CarPlay such as new wallpaper options, and dedicated options for parking assistance, EV charging, and ordering food. But the biggest new feature announced by Apple at WWDC20 is CarKey – a new way to wirelessly unlock your car with an iPhone.

CarKey works with NFC and will first arrive on the 2021 BMW 5 series that debuts next month. One of the biggest security aspects will be the ability to disable it using iCloud. And for added convenience, users will be able to share keys through iMessage

. Users need to authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID to unlock their car, but they can enable an express unlock mode to avoid the hassle of taking out their iPhone from their pocket.

Plus, there will also be an option to restrict the driving profile of a car when you share CarKey with a friend or family member. CarKey is brought to life by the in-house U1 security chip, and will be available for devices running iOS 13 as well.

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