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Apple A15 Bionic to use N5P 5nm+ process; future chips for iPhone and Mac to use 4nm process


Apple recently launched its all-new iPhone 12 lineup of smartphones, which are powered by the company’s A14 Bionic chipset. It is one of the first in the smartphone industry to be manufactured using the 5nm process.

Now, reports about the company’s upcoming Apple A15 Bionic chip are making rounds. It is believed that the technology giant is again partnering with manufacturer TSMC to push for ever smaller nodes for the upcoming processor.

According to the new report from TrendForce, the next-generation smartphone processor from Apple, which is expected to be named A15 Bionic, will be manufactured using the 5nm+ processor, which is being referred by the company as N5P.

TSMC says that the N5P node is the performance-enhanced version of the current 5nm process and is claimed by the Taiwanese company to deliver additional power efficiency and performance improvements.

This is in line with the previous report

which also added that the company is planning to mass-produce the upcoming chipset in Q3 2021.

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Reports about Apple’s chip doesn’t stop there. The next chipset that will come after the A15, the Apple A16, most likely in the year 2022, is said to be based on TSMC’s 4nm process, which the company is currently working on. This should offer more improvements for performance and power efficiency.

It seems that Apple wants to be the leading company when it comes to innovations and pushing the boundaries for performance and power efficiency. This shouldn’t be limited to just smartphone chips. Given that TSMC also manufactures Apple’s newly launched M1 chipset

, the advancement in the process will extend to future Apple Silicon chips as well.

Apart from the 5nm process, manufacturers like TSMC and Samsung Electronics have already started working on the 3nm and 2nm process, which are expected to be ready for mass-production by 2025.

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