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Amazon Prime Video’s Watch Party lets you watch shows and movies with friends and family

Amazon has announced a new feature that allows you to watch shows and movies with your favorite humans.

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

With the pandemic still in full-swing in a lot of countries, folks are advised to stay indoors. This means you can’t go visiting friends or relatives and hang out together. To bridge the gap, Amazon has announced a new feature called Watch Party for Prime Video that allows users to watch shows and movies together over the web.

The feature works with one user being the host who can add up to 100 participants. The host also controls playback for everyone. There is also a chat feature that allows the participants to discuss the show or movie they are watching.


Below are the steps to take to set up a watch party:

  • Find a TV show or movie
  • Enter the name you will like to use while chatting
  • Invite your friends by sending the watch party link to them
  • Start watching and chattingAmazon Prime Video Watch Party

Watch Party requires the host and the participants to have Amazon Prime. It is also currently only available in the US and only works on desktop browsers excluding Apple’s Safari.

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