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Amazon launches its Prime Video ‘Mobile Edition’ in India; Plans start at ₹89($1)


Amazon has launched its First-ever Prime Video Mobile Edition Plan in India. These Plans, which is in partnership with Bharti Airtel, starts as low as ₹89($1.22) in the country.

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Amazon is clearly targeting rivals like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar with this Mobile Edition plans. This is because the company so far has had it’s lowest Prime Video plan starting at ₹129/month. Now, it is looking to attract even more consumers with a lower price. However, partnership with Airtel means users of other networks are left to dry at least for now.

That said, to avail of this, you have to recharge to any of the Airtel Prepaid plans mentioned below. In return, you get the Mobile Data as per the Tariff and Prime Video Mobile Edition as an added benefit.

For those wondering, Prime Video Mobile Edition means you can watch Amazon Prime content only on the Prime Video App on either Android/iOS. Being a Mobile and Video-only Plan, it is restricted to One Screen at a time and Standard Definition(SD) as Video Quality.

That said, to avail it, users of Airtel can recharge any of the Following Prepaid Plans using the Airtel Thanks App or Airtel Stores across the country.

Airtel Prepaid Plans(in ₹) Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Prime Membership Included Unlimited Voice Calls Data (in GB) Validity(in Days)
89 Yes No No 6GB(Total) 28
129 Yes No Yes 1GB(Total) 24
131 No Yes No 30
149 Yes No Yes 2GB(Total) 24
179 Yes No Yes 2GB(Total) 28
199 Yes No Yes 1GB /day 24
219 Yes No Yes 1GB/day 28
249 Yes No Yes 1.5GB/day 28
279 Yes No Yes 1.5GB/day 28
289 Yes No Yes 1.5GB/day 28
298 Yes No Yes 2GB/day 28
299 Yes No Yes 1.5GB/day 28
349 No Yes Yes 2GB/day 28
379 Yes No Yes 6GB(Total) 84
398 Yes No Yes 3GB/day 28
399 Yes No Yes 1.5GB/day 56
448 Yes No Yes 3GB/day 28
449 Yes No Yes 2GB/day 56
558 Yes No Yes 3GB/day 56
598 Yes No Yes 1.5GB/day 84
599 Yes No Yes 2GB/day 56
1498 Yes No Yes 24(Total) 365
2498 Yes No Yes 2GB/day 365
2698 Yes No Yes 2GB/day 365
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Having said that, you will have to log in to the app using your Mobile number. It’s worth noting that the Prime Video Mobile Edition is strictly limited to Video and you cannot play Ad-free Amazon Music via this subscription. However, as you can see above Amazon also has some plans like ₹131, ₹349 for that.


Precisely, with ₹131, you can enjoy all of Prime Video, Music, Free and Priority shipping for 30 days. However, it doesn’t have to bring any Mobile data with it. The ₹349, on the other h and, has all the above-mentioned benefits and 2GB/day Data for 30 days.


Prime Video’s worldwide VP Jay Marine says, ” With the launch of Prime Video Mobile Edition we look forward to entertaining every Indian with our Exclusive and Original content”.

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