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Amazon Echo Show 10 with rotating display goes on sale


Amazon announced new products in September last year. While some of them are already available, the Echo Show 10 was yet to go on sale. Now, the Amazon Echo Show 10 is officially available on the e-commerce site. The 3rd gen Echo Show 10 takes some inspiration from Nest Hub when it comes to design. However, it comes with some tricks up its sleeve. The device has a rotating 10-inch HD display, which relies on computer vision and audio-based localization to detect the movement of users, and keeps the user in the frame. Hence, if you are moving around during a zoom call, the display will rotate as well.

The Amazon Echo Show 10 comes with a 13MP camera that zooms to keep you in focus. Further, there is a dedicated camera shutter button for your privacy-conscious needs. You can also just say, “Alexa, turn off motion.” The device relies on a brushless motor that is completely silent, so you won’t hear moving parts as the display rotates. Moreover, alongside the display, the audio assembly, which consists of dual front-firing speakers and a woofer also move around. Hence, ti provides a directional audio output that also adjusts itself according to the room acoustics.

Amazon Echo Show 10

If you enable the new Alexa Guard service, the Away Mode will turn the Echo Show 10 into a remote smart camera that can relay live 360-degree footage of its surroundings. Thus, acting as a surveillance camera. It will also notify you when it detects motion and will instantly show a live feed of the action on your smartphone through the Alexa app. The device is also a media streamer as you can binge-watch Netflix on the beautiful display. It is powered by AZ1 Neural Edge processor that relies on on-device natural language processing to make Alexa even more responsive.


The Amazon Echo Show is priced at $249.99, and is now available for purchase.

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