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Amazon Canada is selling these Android smartwatches at a heavy discount


It's not even Black Friday in Canada yet, but Amazon Canada already has these Android smartwatches on sale for the lowest prices we've ever seen them. Sure, there are a number of pretty great and cheap smartwatches you can grab if you're on a tight budget. But if you can pick up a smartwatch from a designer brand like Fossil, Skagen, and Emporio Armani at up to 30% off, it's a steal. And many of these designer, fashionable devices for both men and women are under $250 for the first time ever.

Fossil Women's Gen 5E | $100 off at Amazon

With a stainless steel touchscreen watch face, built-in speaker, and water-resistant design, this smartwatch is a stylish wristwatch with some serious tech. Using the Wear OS app with an Android 6.0+ (or iOS 12+) device, you can track activities, heart rate, and GPS, and receive smartphone notifications. All three finish options – rose gold, rose gold glitz, and silver/gold – are on for the sale price.

$235 at Amazon

Fossil Men's Gen 5E | $100 off at Amazon

Employing a nice, rugged look, this is the same as the Women's Gen5E, boasting everything from activity tracking and smartphone notifications to heart rate and GPS, it runs on Google's Wear OS. Finish options include black or brown to match your personal style, both of which are part of the epic sale.

$235 at Amazon

Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3 | $73 off at Amazon

It looks like a stylish wristwatch, but there's lots of smarts in this designer device, which also operates on Google's Wear OS and works with Android phones 6.0+ and iOS 10+. The silver finish option is the one on sale, which offers a swimproof design and everything from heart rate tracking to a speaker for audible alerts and calls, the ability to download third-party apps, control music playback, and more.


$356 at Amazon

Skagen Falster 3 | $88 off at Amazon

Employing a sportier look than the others, the Falster 3 smartwatch works with Wear OS and employs a swimproof design so you can wear it virtually anywhere. With Google Assistant, heart rate and activity tracking via Google Fit, GPS, built-in speaker, and 4GB storage for third-party apps, it's sleek and versatile.

$269 at Amazon

Fossil Gen 5E

Fossil Gen 5ESource: Fossil

While there are plenty of top brands in Android smartwatches, from Samsung Galaxy to Garmin and Fitbit, sometimes you want something that looks more like a wristwatch and carries some designer brand clout. This is where the Fossil Group comes in. They make tons of elegant and stylish smartwatches from a host of designer brands that look like fashion watches but include plenty of high-tech features.


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Sure, they are typically sold at a higher premium than other smartwatches, but that's because you're getting not just a smartwatch but also a designer watch. And with these four models that are being sold now for the lowest price ever, there's something for everyone and to suit every style.

All four work using the Google WearOS app and include all of the essential smartwatch features you'd need. From sporty to elegant, stylish and cool, now is the time to grab one of these as a holiday gift, or for yourself. They have never been so affordable.

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