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Amazon beats Samsung to become the world’s largest connected TV devices brand


Strategy Analytics has released its report on the Global Connected TV Devices Market for Q4 2020. According to the report, Amazon overtook Samsung to become the leading brand overall for the first time. Also, in the smart TV segment, TCL came second ahead of LG.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Featured
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

As per Strategy Analytics, OEMs sold around 109.1 million units of connected TV devices (smart TVs, streamers, gaming consoles) in Q4 2020. Whereas, the figure for the whole year was 305.3 million units with a 7.6% YoY growth. Out of which, 186 million units were smart TVs and 81 million units were streamers.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K was the best-selling streaming device in 2020. It helped the American eCommerce giant to dethrone Samsung to become the world’s leading connected TV devices brand. Additionally, Amazon and Roku together led the streaming devices category with over 60% market share.

Talking about smart televisions, Samsung maintained its top position. However, LG slipped to third place as TCL managed to come second.

Further, Sony was the third-largest brand as a whole, thanks to the sales of PS5

. However, Microsoft came distant ninth as it does not sell TVs like the Japanese electronics giant.

Global Connected TV Devices Market Q4 2020 Strategy Analytics

Also, it is interesting to see Nintendo in the fourth place. This clearly indicates how popular the company’s gaming consoles are despite their unavailability in a large number of markets.

As far as Chinese OEMs are concerned, TCL, Hisense, and Xiaomi ranked seventh, eighth, and twelfth respectively. Whereas, American tech giants Google

and Apple acquired tenth and eleventh positions respectively

Last but not least, Strategy Analytics predicts the global connected TV devices market to continue growing in 2021 as people are migrating towards internet-based video platforms around the world.



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