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All the fun, none of the mess, these are the best Electronic Pets right now


Electronic Pets
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Having a living, breathing pet as a member of your family that needs food, water, and play time can be expensive, messy, and time-consuming. Electronic pets offer all the fun and absolutely none of the commitment of a four-legged friend that needs walks regularly. We've tested them all and here's how the best electronic pets rank.

From tots to seniors:

JOY for All Companion Cat

Staff Pick

This realistic-looking cat is one of the best electronic pets for all age groups. It performs real cat-like movements and sounds, including moving its paws and head, opening its mouth, and purring as you pet it. Built-in sensors allow the cat to respond to motion and touch. This furry feline doesn't run or play, but it will sit in your lap and is perfect as a first pet for toddlers or a companion for seniors.

A plush puppy:

Perfect Petzzz Golden Retriever

Unlike real puppies, this adorable Golden Retriever quietly sleeps in his own bed, your lap, or next to your child in bed. The only noise you'll hear from this guy is a little snoring. Powered by one D battery, this lifelike puppy breathes, snores, and sleeps. The fur is 100-percent synthetic, so you don't have to worry about allergies. If you want a no-fuss pet, this Golden Retriever is a calming dude, and one of the best electronic pets of the year.

An interactive robot:

Anki Vector Robot

He's pricey, but Vector by Anker is one of the best electronic pets we've reviewed. Vector is full of personality. Voice-activated, Vector responds to commands, takes photos for you, shows you the weather, and even works with Alexa. Suitable for adults or older kids, Vector works over Wi-Fi and is a blast as a desktop distraction.

$400 at Amazon

A pooping puppy:

FurReal Friends Pax My Poopin Pup

Just like a real puppy, Pax needs to go for walks, eat, and poop. This sweet little pup makes happy sounds, eats treats, and poops. Pax comes with a dog leash, nine treats, and cleanup bags. Best for younger kids learning about responsibility, Pax is a fun, challenging friend.

The repeater:

XYH Talking Hamster

I love this talking hamster for its simplicity. Flip the switch on, talk to your new pet rodent, and it will mimic your every word in a high-pitched cartoon-like voice. This soft hamster is geared toward kids but is fun for all ages.

$20 at Amazon

Interactive puppy:

Robot Harry

He may not have fur, but Robot Harry easily makes our list of the best electronic pets. He walks, barks, talks, plays, sings, and dances. This inexpensive Dalmatian is great for kids up to age seven, responds to touch, and runs on three AA batteries.

$22 at Amazon

An animated elephant:

Baby GUND Elephant

Baby GUND is a plush, animated elephant with flappy ears that move with the touch of a button. The ideal first cuddly toy for babies and toddlers, Baby GUND plays games like peek-a-boo and sings songs.

$30 at Amazon

Unconventional pet:

Spino the Dino

He's not furry or cuddly but he roars and his spine and tale are filled with colorful lights. With moveable legs, LED lights, and only three AA batteries to power it all, Spino the Dino is a good choice for kids ages three and up.


A potty trained pet:

Little Live Pets Gotta Go Flamingo

Meet Sherbet, a toilet-trained flamingo. He loves to wiggle, chat, sing, eat, and poop on his own toilet. Sherbet repeats what you say, eats, goes to the bathroom, and is all kinds of furry fun.

A twerking bear:

Gemmy Twerking Bear

This is a fuzzy Bluetooth bear that's compatible with Alexa. We listed this stuffed animal as one of the best Alexa-enabled toys of the year. She lipsyncs with Alexa spoken responses and reacts to timers, notifications, reminders, and alarms. Even better, Gemmy twerks to music played through Amazon Music. Adults and older kids will have a good time with inexpensive, interactive Gemmy.

$23 at Amazon

A kissing dog:


Rollie is an electronic dog that licks, wags its tail, and even closes its eyes when he sleeps. Rollie can do more than 25 noises and actions and comes with an adoption certificate.

Electronic pets are here to stay

Electronic pets keep getting better, smarter, and for some, more realistic-looking. All this equals a higher entertainment value for you. My favorite pick, the Joy for All Orange Tabby

It looks, acts, and even feels like the real deal. This electronic companion animal has soft, brushable fur and loves being petted and cuddled, making it an excellent choice for adults and kids.

If you're looking for an electronic pet that's less active, the Perfect Petzzz Golden Retriever is a cute, fuzzy puppy that sleeps, snores, and breathes. He's a calming presence that doesn't require any care from his owner.

And if you have Alexa at home or in the office, you can't go wrong with Gemmy the Twerking Bear. Gemmy twerks to Amazon Music and responds to Alexa alerts.

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