Latest News unveils a Touchless Video Doorbell to minimize physical contact


In this era of COVID 19 pandemic, a touchless video doorbell has come to the rescue of homeowners. It will further minimize contact of visitors to potential areas prone to transmitting the virus. has unveiled its latest product, a new device that will prevent contact with the doorbell. This will help ensure that your visitors are not at risk of contracting COVID-19 from your doorbell. The Touchless Video Doorbell eliminates the need to press a doorbell button and is designed to buzz an alarm when its camera detects visitors standing in the doormat.

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In the opinion of the manufacturer,, this device is the first-ever commercially available video doorbell that is touchless or contactless. The motivation behind the product is the desire to reduce public health risks inherent in visitors touching surfaces that may have been contaminated with germs and disease, making the home to remain safe for both the occupants and visitors.

The company also offers a doormat accessory for the doorbell, which can assist the visitor with instructions on where to stand so as to properly activate the doorbell.
How does this Touchless Doorbell work? When the doorbell detects a visitor, it begins playing a tune and a notification is sent to your phone, while the video recording begins. You can see and speak with visitors through the doorbell, and it also integrates with the rest of a home’s smart home security system, so it can trigger other devices like lights when a visitor or someone else is detected. Its camera is 1080p HDR, and it also has night vision capabilities.


The Touchless Video Doorbell from can be gotten through the company’s array of installation partners. A definitive price is still being awaited for this gadget, but when asked, the company insists that the doorbell itself could be sold below $200, independent of installation costs and other accessories.

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