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Adobe’s Acrobat Web gets new functionalities to make your PDF life easier


In July 2020, Adobe partnered with Google for “.new” to launch new browser shortcuts to create, convert, compress, sign, and design documents in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Spark. As per Adobe, it saw about 10 million clicks on its existing shortcuts. Now, it is building on the same set of features and bringing them to its web app of Acrobat.

Up until now, Acrobat on the web wasn’t quite as fully featured as the desktop version. If you were looking for capabilities like editing text and images in PDFs, you had to resort to the desktop app. However, that’s changing now. Adobe is bringing this ability to its online service. If you find yourself in need of more specific PDF tools, like editing text and images, redacting, or OCRing, you will have to upgrade to an Acrobat subscription f or more PDF power on the web, mobile, and desktop.


Listed below are the new shortcuts introduced by Adobe for Acrobat Web:

  • – To create a free Adobe Acrobat PDF from any Microsoft Office or image file.
  • – to create a PDF form that you can fill, sign, save, and send.
  • – To convert a JPG into a PDF file.
  • – To reduce the file size of a PDF file to make it manageable.
  • – To convert a Word file to PDF.

You can simply type these shortcuts into your browser and you can jump right in. “We have been working diligently to develop additional tools and new shortcuts, so that these simple searches and commands lead to trusted solutions from Adobe,” said Adobe in its blog post

. The company plans to roll out more of these shortcuts over the course of the next year.

“We could have done it earlier, but it wouldn’t have been up to the standards of being fast, nimble and quality,” Todd Gerber, Adobe’s VP for Document Cloud told TechCrunch. He said that working with fonts was one of the more difficult problems the team faced in bringing this capability online.

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