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Accessorize your Google Pixel 4a with nothing but the best!


Google Pixel 4a Accessories
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The Google Pixel 4a is the runaway leader if you're looking for a great budget phone right now. The phone delivers decent hardware backed by a flagship-tier camera, clean software, and fast updates. You'll therefore need to pair it with similarly-great accessories. So if you are looking for a case, screen protector, power bank, or other accessories for your Pixel 4a, you've come to the right place.

The right choice:

Google Fabric Case

Staff Pick

Google's fabric cases are the ideal way to protect your Pixel 4a. The fabric finish feels much better than a regular case, and this year it's made out of recycled bottles and is machine washable. The best part? The attractive color options add much-needed flair to the Pixel 4a.

Tiny powerhouse:

Aukey Minima 18W USB PD Fast Charger

This minuscule charger delivers a consistent 18W charge over USB PD, making it the ideal choice for your Pixel 4a. The charger has a dozen built-in safeguards to prevent overcharging and overheating, and the foldable design makes it ideal for travel.

$13 at Amazon

Groove on:

Creative Outlier Air

Creative's Outlier Air continues to be the best-sounding wireless earbuds in this category. You get Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, AptX codec, 10-hour battery life between charges, and a snug fit that provides great noise isolation. You cannot ask for much more here.

$50 at Amazon

Truly outstanding:

Anker Powerline II USB-C to USB-C Cable (3ft)

The Powerline II is the best USB-C cable around. The USB 3.1 Gen 2 cable offers data transfers of up to 10Gbps and can handle up to 100W of charge. I use these cables daily to charge all my phones, and you shouldn't look at any other option for your Pixel 4a.

The gold standard:

OtterBox Amplify Glass

Need a sturdy screen protector for your Pixel 4a? Then look no further than this OtterBox option. This screen guard gives your phone much-needed resilience against scratches and tumbles and does so without affecting the touch responsiveness. The layer is thin enough that you won't even notice it.

Power it up:

Aukey 10,000mAh 18W PD Wireless Power Bank

This 10,000mAh power bank isn't too bulky, and it has a USB-C PD port that delivers up to an 18W charge. There's also a secondary USB-A port for charging accessories, and it even comes with a Qi mat that enables wireless charging.

$34 at Amazon

Charge everything:

RAVPower 30W PD 2-Port Fast Charger

This charger delivers a 30W charge over two ports, so you can charge your Pixel 4a at 18W and have the ability to charge an accessory at up to 12W at the same time. The versatility along with the foldable design makes it a truly great fast charger.

$25 at Amazon

Just the basics:

Spigen Liquid Crystal

If you want a reliable clear case, you cannot go wrong with Spigen's Liquid Crystal series. This particular case provides the protection you're looking for, and the slim design ensures it doesn't add too much heft or thickness to the device.

$12 at Amazon

Great value:

Aukey USB-C to USB-C Cable (2-Pack)


Fine, if you really want an affordable USB-C cable, this would be my recommendation. Aukey's braided cable is durable, has data transfers of up to 480Mbps, and is an insane value considering you get a two-pack.

$9 at Amazon

The power you need:

RAVPower 20,000mAh 60W PD Power Bank

If you need a larger power bank, RAVPower's 20,000mAh offering should be enough to charge the Pixel 4a up to five times. The USB-C port charges over PD and goes up to 45W, and there's a USB-A port that delivers a 15W charge.

$45 at Amazon

All in one:

Teelevo Card Slot Cover

This case delivers rugged protection for your Pixel 4a, and it also has a nifty kickstand that comes in handy for extended YouTube sessions. Oh, and there's also a slot at the back where you can fit up to two credit cards, making it a truly versatile case.

$14 at Amazon

Exquisite finish:

Bellroy Leather Cover

If you prefer a leather case for your Pixel 4a, Bellroy's option should be at the top of your list. This case has a microfiber lining to ensure it doesn't scratch the phone, cutouts for all the ports, and doesn't affect Active Edge. Combine that with an exquisite texture and you get a great overall option.

$40 at Amazon

There’s no shortage of great Pixel 4a accessories

Whether you're looking for a great case for your Pixel 4a, durable screen protector, or a power bank that lets you charge the battery while you're on the go, there are plenty of great options to choose from.


The obvious choice for a case is the Google Fabric option. I've used these cases on Pixels for the last three years, and they have held up astonishingly well. The best part about this year's fabric is that it is machine washable, making it that much easier to maintain.

The Pixel 4a charges at 18W, so if you are looking for a wall charger that doesn't take up too much space, Aukey's 18W Minima is the ideal option. This fast charger is tiny in size, but delivers reliable USB PD charge at 18W. If you need durable USB-C cables that will last several years, the Powerline II is a fantastic choice.

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