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A new ZTE S poster reveals it will have a 64MP quad rear camera array


The Axon 30 Pro is not the only phone ZTE has planned for release soon. The manufacturer has also announced it will announce a new series of smartphones too, the first of which will launch as the ZTE S. Today, we get our first look at the upcoming phone.

A poster shared on Weibo by ZTE’s CEO, Ni Fei, gives us an early look at the ZTE S. However, the image only shows the rear of the device.

ZTE S series teaser poster

As seen in the image above, the ZTE S will have four rear cameras with the primary camera being a 64MP sensor. The camera housing which is raised has a dual finish – some parts appear to have a smooth finish while the other has a glistering sandstone-like finish.

The ZTE S has a curved back that looks to be made of glass and the color variant is a pink-blue gradient. Based on the finish, we are sure the appearance of the phone will change with respect to the angle light rays falls on it. If you are not a fan of this color, we believe there will be other colorways at launch.

A lot is still unknown about the ZTE S which is targeted at the younger generation. Nevertheless, we expect more details will surface as the launch date, which is still unknown, draws closer. When it does launch, it should be more affordable than the Axon series.




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