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A new Google Pixel XE smartphone may be on the way


Well, it seems that Google has been working on a new smartphone that won’t necessarily be the follow up of the latest Pixel 5 or the more affordable line of the Pixel 4a. This new device is allegedly called the Google Pixel XE, and even though it comes from an unconfirmed source, it may just make it to the market since Pixel devices usually leak months before their official release.

We may get a new Google Pixel device in the near future, and by that, I mean next year, maybe in April, June, or July, maybe even later, you know Google. The important thing is that there are new rumors of a device called the Google Pixel XE. Now, it seems that someone managed to get a hold of an early engineering sample and took the time to snap a couple of pictures that were then shared over at SlashLeaks.

The images of the Google Pixel XE reveal that the device will feature two SIM card slots, NFC, and some large bezels on the sides of the display, which will also include a punch-hole selfie camera. And even though the images aren’t as sharp and detailed as we’d wish, we can still make out the volume buttons on the right side of the phone, like in previous Pixel phones.


Now, we can’t expect this device to launch soon, as Google has recently launched the Google Pixel 4a, the Pixel 4a 5G, and the Google Pixel 5. Another thing to consider is that this device won’t offer the unlimited photo storage space offered with previous Google Pixels

, as the company has already announced several changes to its storage policies. We will only have to wait for new leaks and rumors about the Google Pixel XE to show up to see if this device has what it takes to make it to hit the shelves or not.

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