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A first-generation Apple Watch prototype disguised as iPod nano leaks in pictures


Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch worldwide. It has been a little over 5 years since the first model launched. But now, after all these years, a prototype of first-generation Apple Watch disguised as third-generation iPod nano leaks in pictures.

In case you do not know, Steve Jobs once said that an Apple board member planned to wear his iPod nano as a watch. Since then, many people began to use their iPod nano as a watch with an increase in a variety of bands for Apple’s music player in the market.

Looks like the Cupertino-based tech giant used this fashion trend for their own good to conceal the prototypes of the first-generation Apple Watch while being tested in public. The images shared by @AppleDemoYT (via MacRumors) are proof of this.

These images showcase a prototype original Apple Watch with a rubber case on it mimicking an iPod nano. Hence, when it was tested by the engineers in public, no one would have thought it to be a smartwatch.

Even now, companies use bulky cases to conceal their unreleased products when they are tested in the public. But still, they somehow manage to leak in certain cases.

Anyway, it was a clever idea by Apple nonetheless. That said, the iPhone maker is reported to launch new smartwatches in the coming weeks to replace last year’s Series 5 and a budget model to replace the older Series 3.

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