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90-Points launches Fully Automatic Folding Umbrella with Flashlight


It has been a long time we saw an umbrella launched under Xiaomi’s ecosystem. That has changed as Xiaomi’s ecological chain company, 90-Points has launched the 90-Points Fully Automatic Folding Umbrella ahead of the upcoming spring season. The umbrella has an original price tag of 99 yuan (~$15) but is on sale for 89 yuan (~$13) during the crowdfunding exercise.90-point Fully Automatic Reverse Folding UmbrellaOne of the top-selling points of this umbrella is its folding non-wet design. The fabric also allows for somatosensory cooling of between 3-7 degrees. Finally, the umbrella is equipped with high-brightness LED lighting and automatic opening and closing.

Unlike ordinary umbrellas, the 90-Point automatic umbrella utilizes a reverse folding design when it is to be closed. In other words, the wet outside part will fold inside while the dry part will be outside. This apparently makes it easy to move about with a wet umbrella. It features a high-density cloth that is water repellent. Thus, it won’t take time for the umbrella to get dried after use.

Talking of the LED lighting built into the 90-Point Automatic Folding Umbrella, it features LED lamps" 51989 rel="nofollow" target="_self">lamp beads located at the base of the handle that can irradiate a distance of about 10 cm. There is a built-in switch that uses a push design so as to prevent misoperation. The handle has a compartment that houses the battery. The cell is a removable button battery with a large capacity of 120mAh.90-point Fully Automatic Reverse Folding Umbrella


It equally features a sturdy frame that is made of mixed fiberglass ribs, combined with a tough middle rod, giving it a wind resistance of level 6. It also has an explosion-proof safety lock.


This umbrella has a good sunshade effect as the fabric is designed with a special anti-UV coating processing technology that blocks light and insulates the user against heat. The sun protection factor can reach UPF50+. The coating cannot be eroded by rain or corrosion and can last for a long time.




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