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4 Ways in which a logo can make your business better


Think of CocaCola, think of Apple, Screwfix, Beats, Mercedes and others – you’ll probably already have their logo in your head. However, if you’re running a business and want to create a logo, you’ve got a bit of an issue. First of all, it’s expensive. Second of all, you have to get it out there so that people become familiar with it.

The second part takes time and money. After all, the CocaCola logo is advertised and seen heavily, but your company may struggle to get that brand awareness. However, by putting a memorable and stylish logo on your company documentation, your signage, your vehicles, your brochures and advertising – the awareness will build.

4 Ways in which a logo can make your business better

But wait. Getting a logo is expensive isn’t it? Let’s not forget that BT paid nearly £1m for their very simple new logo. Budgets like that are out of the reach of many. So, instead, you can make your business bette and save money by simply using an app to create a logo or by going online. Gone are the days when you had to brainstorm for several weeks to come up with a perfect logo for your business.

Smartphones have made this all far easier than before and, while we’re all on lockdown, you can dedicate more time to it. On your browser, you search for online logo maker and then there you are. You will get many possible logos unique to your business. You can choose from various categories of business and get suggestions on logo formats, then you can take full control of colour, size, font and so on – the apps online and on your smartphone will help to ensure that the finished product has a professional appearance.

There’s several ways in which a logo can improve the performance of your business.

4 Ways in which a logo can make your business better

Logo communicate core values and the brand of business

Core values are the ones which ensure that your company operates smoothly. Core values are critical as they guide us on the decisions that we make. They will always ensure that we make decisions that will contribute towards improving the business. Therefore, communicating those values to the general public will help attract customers who like what you are doing and will also help to spread the message to other people. A simple, clear logo – perhaps with a smiling face – gives assurance and confidence to the customer.


4 Ways in which a logo can make your business better

Logo differentiate products

If you don’t have competitors in your field, then you must be so lucky. However it’s best to come up with a logo which will set your business apart if you do have lots of competitors. it’s important to stand out.

Choose a logo that is attractive, clear and memorable. Think of the logos that stand out in your own mind and try to find what it is about them that makes them stick in your head.


Logo attracts attention

If you have a beautifully decorated logo about the service of the product that you offer, you’ll hopefully find an increase in traffic to your website or your showroom. It’s also worth adding an informative and imaginative tagline, such as “Focused on customer service” or “50 years of experience” to make your business leapt out above the crowd.

They provide visual appeal on marketing materials

A marketing brochure can cost a lot to put together, so adding a low-quality logo into it can instantly make your business look inexperienced and cheap. Ensure that you have a quality logo which has been thought through and designed to reflect your company and the ethos behind it.

The best advice is to simply give it a try. Download a logo creation app, head to a website offering a logo designer, see what you can create and ask others what they think of your creation. You can do it right now on your phone and have some options this afternoon. It really is that simple.

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