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3C Certification reveals Mi 10 (SD870 version), Redmi K40, and Redmi K40 Pro will support 33W fast charging


Xiaomi and its subsidiary, Redmi, have a handful of phones scheduled to launch after the Chinese Spring Festival. These phones include the Snapdragon 870 version of the Mi 10 5G and the Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro. Now, a certification site has revealed the fast charging technology of all of the aforementioned devices.

The Mi 10 (Snapdragon 870 version) was certified with the model number M2102J2SC and according to the 3C certificate, the phone supports a maximum power input of 33W.

3C cert ificate - Mi 10 Redmi K40 Redmi K40 Pro
Source: 3C | Via: Digital Chat Station

The Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro were certified with the model numbers M2012K11AC and M2012K11C respectively and they too support a maximum power input of 33W. The marketing names for the devices were revealed by Digital Chat Station. All three phones are 5G devices as shown in the image above.

Fans may be disappointed that Xiaomi is sticking to 33W for these phones considering it has faster wired charging technologies. However, if you remember, the original Mi 10 supported 30W fast charging, so 33W isn’t bad considering the processor is actually the main change in this new version.

The Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro also feature faster charging than their predecessors. The Redmi K30 launched with 27W fast charging while the Redmi K30 Pro launched with 30W fast charging, so 33W fast charging is definitely an upgrade even though it pales to what the competition is offering.


These three phones should come with 33W chargers in the box, so buyers should not have to buy another charger to experience the fastest charging the phone can support.



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